Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mosconi cup and MVP :-) Plus inside look of team Europe :-)

First of all the past 2 months been a amazing for me on the table and of the table :-))
I changed my grip on the cue and couple of other small things pretty simple really but it took some time to get used to these changes it was around June that I realized these changes at to be done after seeing and speaking to couple of people I started to change the way I gripped the cue my game suffered badly at first from June to sept I couldn't string results together but I played some great matches and some awe full matches but the new grip was beating me mentally when close matches and under pressure, but then I take break for 2 weeks in pattaya and that gave me time to come back fresh and different outlook and figure what I needed to do,and that was just play freely and trust the new grip so that's what I did ,from sarejevo open everything changed I played great finished 3rd and now I was playing without any doubts or thoughts about the new grip this gave lot of confidence for us open and the rest is history 1st place there then 3rd at Steve mizerak championship, 2nd at gb9ball tour then 1st at euro tour spain then topped it off with winning mosconi cup team Europe and winning award MVP ( most valuable player).. It's ended up been the greatest year in pool for me and can't wait for next year :-)

But most of all because these changes am seeing the ball better my ,my tempo better,my pace around table better,and I hit the ball better it's a great combination to have on a consistent bases I feel like am reborn and playing with freedom like I did when was 17 years old and playing with natural ability again let's hope this continues for many years to come .

To the mosconi cup
Well what can I say besides what a team what a captain what support we had from all over Europe amazing ..
The week started awful for me as I was stuck in Spain for 36 hours alicante airport 2 cancelled flights and one big delay but all well I finally
arrive in London to my amazing hotel room at town hall hotel around 3am Tuesday ,but was up early to meet my team mates and captain and wifes and girlfriends for breakfast ,from word go we had busy schedule set out by Johan we practiced and bonded as a team did some
sightseeing ,eating good food :-) Wednesday was great day as we set out for the holly Grail Johan was the brains and inspiration behind this we all pledged our code of honor to the team all written down and signed by the players each of which the player would bring to the team
and table so it was important to not break our code in which none of us did was truly amazing team effort and Johan also set a plan out for
the team to get stronger each day and reach our goals another job done as we got stronger each day on and off the table awesome
,and at the end of the tournament Johan set up a meeting in his room with just the players and gave the most amazing speeches to each player and the whole team Johan awarded Karl with team europes flag the knights of 9ball well deserved and I won the code of honor award
which meant so much to me but again the whole team deserved this award too so I would like to dedicate to them !!
I don't want to give too much away about Johan because he coaches for a living but he defiantly the best man in the business and a great
captain anybody wanting help with there game and the mental aspects please get in touch with Johan rusyink he can be found on fb
:-) HE was the inspiration behind the teams victory

Also to all the wags of the team everyone one of you were amazing and played a great part in our victory your support and understanding wasn't unnoticed thanks again.you rocked it :-)

Also special mention to mine and Karl boyes manager Dave Carter he did so much for me and Karl but also the whole team really appreciate it Dave you played big part in the team thanks again :-) and excited to working with you next year and beyond !

To our 6th man the fans who were simply amazing the support and singing was just something dreams our made of it's simply the greatest mosconi cup ever by far all backed up by matchroom and all the players like mika and ralf who have appeared in nearly everyone,
the mosconi cup as grown so much in recent years and I believe will just grow and grow into something all none pool fans can relate to. So thanks again to the fans around Europe simply awesome I played pool a long time but I never experienced anything like at York hall before
gave me goosebumps tip to toe and inspired me so much:-)
And soon as I got home I watched the whole event back was great feeling it must have been awesome to watch it live :-)

To my team mates
Ralf arrived with injury to shoulder after a weeks treatment he was just about ready to play and even by his own high standards he said he didn't play his best he still gave everything to the team on and off the table and any half fit ralf souquet would still make any team in the world he bring calmness to the team and experience you can't buy,and he still walks away with a winning record and the honor to win the cup for us must be amazing feeling and fully deserved..legend

After a dodgy first half of year the last few months he been in great form and I knew he was going to play great this year at mosconi and boy did he after a rocky start day one from day two he just got stronger and stronger and made tough shot after tough shot one the greatest shot makers of all time and true inspiration to watch thanks pal u was great on and off the table..

What a guy if you look up loyalty and passion in the dictionary u will see nicks name right there he gives everything on and off the table and the fun factor of the table real team player one of the best and great all around player,he was unlucky in 3 hill hill matches same thing happen with me last year but he pulled rabbits out of the hat Saturday night when he played doubles with mika was a true great performance and was positive in every shot one off the greatest nights ever in pool the celebrations after that match never seen before :-)) and he got the best song also from the fans :-))

What can you say rookie of the team
Long time friend of mine and I even helped him get into American pool as I backed him on the ipt along with 3 other guys who knows what he would be doing now had he not played the ipt tour ,but I believed in him and talked few guys into chipping in and backing him on the ipt and the rest is history ,between 07/08 he was disillusioned with pool and life and what he wanted he even tried plastering course lol but then his manger Dave Carter come along helped him out and transformed his attitude and life and now he very professional and in the gym lost weight and putting the hours in and started to fulfill his potential the past 12 months been amazing for him and am so happy for him,and he played awesome in mosconi cup 5 wins from 6points as a rookie just amazing and suppose if it wasn't for my performance he would have been MVP but am sure if he continues his form he will be in las Vegas next year to defend the cup :-)

Like I said before Johan his the perfect coach and captain his honesty and brains were Hugh part on us winning I played under lot of captains and managers fro American pool and English pool but Johan tops them all if u need coaching or help mentally contact Johan on facebook himself and Alex lely do bootcamps two of the best coaches in the game if not the best ..

Finally the 6th man the fans
Thanks to everyone one of you,Was amazing ,inspired us to reach levels of play we produced when needed and sometimes pushed us over the line and thanks for been so well behaved and spending your hard earned money to come travel get hotels ,drinks etc really appreciate it,but next year we will need you again in las Vegas dec 8th-11th MGM grand please come in force without you we cannot win and you know the Americans will be out for blood next year so we need your support more than ever and hey las Vegas not bad place to go eh ..?:-)

Finally myself I suppose lol
Well last year I played pretty good but no points no rolls and we lost so this year I was pumped up soon as I knew I had made the team I prepared well I didn't drink for 4 weeks even after winning euro tour I still stay on the tea :-) and it all paid off, and yes I got involved with the press just like the Americans did I responded to some comments by the American team such as rodey Morris saying they had more heart than us which I totally disagree we have so much heart and the last 3-4 years as proved that as we only lost 1 mosconi cup in the last 5 and Europeans have dominated pool the last 3 years regards tournaments world champions ,us open ,etc proofs in the pudding which makes us the best pool players in the world!! And definatley the past 3 years nobody can argue with facts, yes the Filipinos might be more talented no doubt about but maybe we are more disciplined more professional,and great under pressure and great cueist, we play to our strenghs in Europe and it seems to be working very well for us.. People talk about money matches why don't we gamble well some people like it some people dont and Europeans just do what's best for them they don't need to gamble to put bread on the table, but it seems in America and Asia they do need to gamble which I have no problem with ,but I think it's just in there blood from early age unlike most Europeans! but I hate the hustling side of pool.. Personally I like money matches and I've played for money all over world and believe am the only westerner to walk away from Philippines up on the money after beating so many top players there for a lot of money something am very proud of ,but most of all it improved my game so much so I have lot to thank them for yes they are the best players in the world regards talent and knowledge of the game ,but I believe we are the best winners and play to our strenghs with a complete different style to Filipinos.and the results show our way works best at the moment!!
But everyone entitled to there opinion
And on another interview I did I was slightly misquoted on saying I feared for Dennis hatch safety all I said was it be interesting to see how Dennis copes with the crowd if things not going his way,and then I was asked about boxing as myself and Dennis are former amateur boxers .. I said well Dennis too heavy for me but tongue in cheek I said am sure the crowd would take care of me if it comes to a boxing match which people took offense to on some pool forums sadly. I don't have any problem with Americans especially the team they brought over they play hard and are pretty cool guys of the table but suppose they need to learn to lose a little better after trashing our practise room with drawing nasty things on our posters come on guys it's only a game your bigger than that !!!!
Anyway on a more positive note my own performance am chuffed with but all credit to the team for believe they gave me especially the captain and to win MVP was great icing on the cake beyond my wildest dreams..my match with hatch and svb will live with me forever .

Little information I will let out that nobody knows is if the match was 10-9 the next singles was captains picks for opposite team would have been Karl boys v Dennis hatch

And if the score was 10-10 it's was myself v Dennis hatch I would have been ready to play but very thankful ralf eneded the cup in style and the celebrations in the bar later were memorable to say the least

Thanks to everyone once again for a great year and a great end to the year Europe we are the champion

I am currently spending Xmas in America first time for me and very excited to see what it's like here over Xmas :-) and am hanging Out with the coolest people I ever met :-)...time to rest over Xmas period :-))

Hope you all have a wonderful Xmas and new year

Be safe


Thursday, 16 December 2010

spanish open champion euro tour

sorry for late blog reply it been mental few weeks

obviously delighted to win spain espeically with it been my last event as a full time tour member i will still try and make some events in 2011

i cant complain way i played i played great all the way through and carried my form on from us open so great way to end the year

as many of you know am going to states to try my hand there...

also big up to my brother in his first euro tour he finished 17th beating the likes of karl boyes along the way6 great effort

i will do mosconi cup report this week it was simply amazing :-) and so much to write about


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Changes in Life :-)

First of all big well done to jayson shaw from scotland winning world blackball championship its sure a good ttile to win and will give him alot of confidence to win more world titles in the future :-)

also my trip to america recently was great and very relaxing and gave me alot of time to think of what am doing next year..

so i would like to officially announce that from january 2011 i will be based in america am excited but at same time little nervous its a big thing to leave your family behind and close friends but thankfully the internet powerful which will help keep in touch with them all time, Plus am sure i will try to get back to uk when time allows.The next 12 months going to be exciting for sure and am currently looking for appartment and a new set of golf clubs lol.I will be based around east coast and looking forward to spending my first xmas in states with some amazing people.

So to all my american friends i look forward to seeing more of you and also i will be available for tournaments,pool clinics,and pool exhibitions if your interested please contact my agent David Carter through Qsportsmanagement email david.carter@qsportsmanagement.com

Sadly for my fans in europe it means i will not be playing much pool in and around europe especially Euro tours and gb9ball tour but i thank you for all the support you all give me and hope it continues in the future,I will always represent England and great britain/Europe for rest of my whole life as am very proud to be british.

So i have lots of things to work on in next week to get ready for states and euro tour in spain then mosconi cup London exciting months ahead.

also dont forget you can follow me on facebook and twitter

i will update again next week.


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Steve Mizerak championship 3rd place

ok i got 3rd place carried my good form from us open, i really do love the equipment in american and the rules compared to euro tour its a different game much more safety and better tables with smaller pockets which suits me fine.. i was probably one roll of the ball from winning this tournament i was up 8-6 against earl and he got a sick roll against me the lowest ball the 3 ball stayed over the pocket but somehow the 10ball was right in front of it so i couldnt even hit the 3 by kicking at it so i forced to play DF.. if i could see the 3ball i was out to win 9-6 as the table was so easy.. and at 8-8 he very nearly scratched on his break only left me a jump shot combo which somehow stayed out i lose 9-8 then i win 2 matches with hohman and mika immonen only to lose in the losers final against shaun putman couple of loose easy saftey shots and shaun played really good at 4-0 i missed a tricky one ball besides that i didnt do anything wrng just no luck on the break as i hit them good but no friends this time but like i said putman played strong..so 3rd place pretty good and a result that moves me to the top of the money list for the year which am sure to win now i think..:-)

the venue and hotel was first class and the final match with earl and shaun can be seen on fox sports 13th december ,even though earl seems to have some mental issues at times it was great to see him playing great again and snap this tournament off so good for him and congratulations to shaun on a great tournament and thanks to seminole for a great tournament keep up the good work i will definatley play more of these events next year.

currently am relaxing on the east coast with a friend its been great to not think about pool and switch of from it as the last 2-3 months been crazy busy and none stop travel from asia-euro-america-europe-america lol good to finally relax and try and improve my golf game and relax at evenings with cool people and good restuarants and spending money on shopping which puts a big hole in the pocket ..

i have one more week here then i will go home watch my brother in his 2nd money match against adam smith 20th nov then after that i will practise hard for mosconi cup but before that i will go spain for euro tour which i will treat as good preparation for mosconi going to be great end to year i believe..:-)

also good luck to my good friend jayson shaw who is currently in the world blackball final for english pool :-)this kid so talented he a great future in pool if he wants it..


Saturday, 6 November 2010

So Far so good :-)

I was a late arrival for this tournament steve mizerak championships part of the florida pro tour.. i decided two days before the event to play glad i did.. am currently into the last 4 on the winners bracket playing really solid ..today i will play earl strickland so am excited for that match up..also i must say the venue is great and great hotel and the prize money good 20k winner so all good.

tmrw or monday i will head to the east coast and spend around 10 days there with a friend of mine ,i plan to relax have fun and maybe play some golf as am addicted even though i still lot to improve on lol especially hitting a 17 on a par 3 lost a few balls to the swans that hole lol.. and really start hitting the gym this next 2 weeks getting ready for mosconi cup in london thats going to be amazing this year and both teams look so strong ,before mosconi i will go to euro tour in spain and this event will be my brothers first euro tour (shane) who is currently ripping the amatuer scene up in uk so be interested to see how it handles the euro tour.

just like to thanks everyone again for all the messages i recieved the past 2 weeks i wanted to reply to them all butt i just havent had a spare 6 hours or so i would need .. i mean the amount of text messages,emails,and my facebook just went nuts for a week well over 100 inbox messages so if didnt get round to reply to them all sorry but i did read them and am very grateful for the support and kind messages they really do help and it makes me want to win even more knowing people out there genuinly want me to do good :-)

anyway hope for more titles in future am really happy with my game i made few changes few months ago at first i was thinkijg about it too much when i was down on the cue but now it coming natural and hence the results and because of this i reckon the last 20 competitive matches i played i maybe missed a average of one ball per match so it definatly coming together,and now am really looking forward to rest of year and then really get ready for next year as am really hungry for success and ready for the battles..


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Us open 9ball champion whoooo

what a week cant believe whats happened this time last week it was looking miserable year for me lacked motivation for some parts of the year..especially after my trip to las vegas where i played with no confidence back in may.. i slowly made some changes to my back hand and now it paid off as feel so much better with a cue in my hand more than ever.. and hopefully this will spring board me to more success..

since 2008 it been a great run won a euro tour ,derby city straight pool,plus other smaller events followed it with world 10ball,then world masters,then world team champions,i come close in world 8ball and world series but finally captured the us open 9ball title feels great and i played great all week.. lots of people to thanks obviously my folks who are the best my friends for there support and all the messages i recieved.. thanks predator cues for the sponsorship, rileys at barnsley for allowing me to have a diamond table at the pool hall that certainly helped me here.

thanks to all my fellow brits for support at the tournament

and to end a great week i got a spot in mosconi cup and pretty sure i have retained world no 1 ranking sweet :-)

just hope my suitcase arrives in one piece as my trophy and cue in there :-(

i go portugal today 5.25pm flight look forward to that and taking rest next week and celebrate this victory :-))

people asked does it feel better than winning world 10ball well they both feel different ,but probably this win will open more doors so we will see i was certainly on a big buzz and still am whooo hooo


Friday, 22 October 2010

us open final

am in the final of the winners bracket at us open 9ball championships :-)..

i played great throughout the whole tournament and beat so many world class players including alcano,reyes,jayson shaw,corey duele,alcaide, just two wins away from the title .. so fingers crossed for tmrw its the most consistant ive ever played in a tournament i maybe only missed 5 or 6 balls in my last 6 matches.. so cant ask for much more..i played this way in world series and world 8ball also where i finished 3rd but there things didnt go my way in semi finals .so am determined tmrw to get it done and hope lady luck with me which we all need,my form been great the last few months but havent had the luck at the right times but this time so far so good and hope it all clicks tmrw ..also got to say the crowds this week have been awesome hugh amounts of people and it really gets the blood bioling :-)

thanks for all support appreciate it alot big day tmrw :-)


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

ups and downs

sorry for late blog it been a while,just been so bust the past month and lots been happening in that time..

before china i watched money match night 4 at wakefield and my brother shane stepped upto the plate and beat matthew lawrenson 21-15 played great.. and witnessed 2 other classic matches afran dad beating craig dixon and andy barnett beating ben finch what a atmosphere that match was..

headed to china in good form maybe made the mistake of only arriving 2 days before my match i played fu jianbo china no 1 and recent world cup of pool winner i didnt feel great in the match but played solid but still lost 11-7 then next match lost to rudolfo luat 11-10 i missed a hanger 8ball at 10-1- dont know why i missed it as it was impossible to miss lol.. and that was me done took early flight to thailand for pattaya 9ball invitational.. i was there to play but also i wanted to take advantage of pattaya and treat it like vacation also..i did win a handicap tournament at megabreak but the main event i just played bad and lost to reece pontus 9-8 was good tournament eventually won by alcano beating corteza in the final..
had a great time in pattaya and like to thank all the lads at megabreak and my friend yannick and tournament organiser for invite alan chau was good times..
come home for one day then headed to sarejvo for the first time this event was great and these guys treated us like stars and the venue and hotel was top class.. around 230 players so was great turnout and we was playing 10ball with triangle rack so coudnt wish for better format and conditions.. i really played well this event winning 50-10 rack score to reach semi final..but then come unstuck against ralf souquet 10-6 started of good then few bad rolls ralf couple of big shots on me turned the game in his favour i tried hard but come up short this time but ralf great player so disgrace losing to him and actually it first time he beat me since 2007 i had won the previous 5 times so i was proud of that record..eventually it was going to end as he one of the best players.and ralf went on to beat raj hundal in final well done to ralf and raj on agreat tournament. so 3rd place finish pretty good and gives me confidence for us open i fly thursday and know i probably need a good
run there if am to make mosconi cup also fingers crossed :-)

away from pool i got my new golf clubs ping and really looking forward to try and get some rounds in during my trips away :-)oh and well done europe in ryder cup what a event that was ..for me the best sporting event there is..loved it

I will try post while am in usa


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sick as a Parrott

Well what can i say that hasnt already been said on my facebook wall..
David peat (Viffer) Dippy pulled out of the match at the death very dissapointed

according to him he was told by people the club wasnt safe lol.which is utter nonsense he also said jamie stewart was behind it to simon dvali regards to the club not been safe and the safe in the club was a trick etc jamie stewart is a young lad from morcombe who as never been in the club so am not sure where he got his information from either way its all lies..

but having said all this i reasured dave his safety we went to extreme lenghs we hired doormen/security guards plus 200 people be there to watch and the money wouldnt be on the premises,the clubs members only its got cameras all over the club its safe as safe can be.myself,lee rigby,simon dvali,george vetters all told dave numerous times everything safe and we made sure of that..

david said ok the match on but if anything happen to him he holds me responsible this was week ago i said fine no problem so then he was arranging how to get to barnsley so match on,then last 2 days he gets cold feet again making out he doesnt feel safe, this is when i thought its got to be something else other than safety, only he really knows why,its annoying as i wastd 2 weeks playing everyday to get ready for the match where i could have been doing other things.

i feel bad for all thise that planned the weekend to come and watch and booked hotels so sorry to all those people and my backers.:-(

so thats that really he said maybe play in the week but i dont hold my breath we will see

onto myself and pool events coming up

its been a strange year for me lots of ups and downs 08/09 was amazing years with so much success and got upto world no 1 and during this time never dropped out of top 2..world rankings consist of 6-7 major championships per year.
currently am world no 5
current top 8 are
1.mika immonen
2.lee van corteza
3.karl boyes
4.ralf souquet
5.darren appleton
6.neils fiejen
7.antonio lining
8.kuo po cheng
this year been a funny one but last night i was on azbilliards site and was looking at money list am no 4 or 5 on money list and no 2 out of all european players so looking at that my year been pretty good actually only events where i not been playing that good is euro tours and gb9 events , Ijust cant seem to get the right mentality for these events as i do for the big ones something i need to work on in the future.

but on the world stage my results been really good
end of last year i put up good defence in world 10ball champs finished 5th losing to david alcaide 9-6 was great match he played awesome.

then start of this year
we won the world team championships the final against philippines we put in a great team performance

in another major championship world 8ball championships i finished 3rd losing to fiejen in semi final 10-6 just the dry breaks cost me.

then i went to america for us bar table championships but got sick for 9ball so pulled out.. but the 8ball i finished 2nd losing to a inspired earl strickland

then in vegas was pretty solid i finished 9th in us open 10 ball championships and 17th in world pool masters.. but then i played bad in the money match with chris bartrum

the world 9ball championships in doha the conditions there were too easy especially for level of players there.

then i went to guiness world series in jakarta this was great event 64 players and i played my best game upto the semi final but squandered a 5-2 lead and lost 8-6 so finished 3rd another high finish in a major but left sick about losing but took lot of positives..

so besides euro tours and gb9 my years been pretty good but at same time i feel dissapointed probably because i achieved so much in 08/09

so all in all not too bad year so far and still lot of exciting tournaments coming up

next week i travel to shanghia for china open then from china i go thailand for pattaya 10ball invitational

then from thailand to sarejevo for 10ball tournament.. then back home for 3 days before going to us open 9ball championships then from usa to portugal for euro tour :-).. all this end of september and the whole of actober so busy busy..
feel great about my game so really looking forward to these events.

also if any of you want to watch some great action next week visit vegas sports bar ,wakefield on stanley road
its money match tv night 4.
they have these events monthly where players match up and the winners stay on and get challenged the following month its great days play starts at 11am 2 matches then 3pm 2 matches and 7pm 2 matches 3 of the matches are streamed on www.cuesporttv.com

next matches saturday 18th
11am lee rigby v phil newman
11am lee brett v mick gibney

3pm dave nelson v kev simpson
3pm craig dixon v arfan dad

7pm shane appleton v matt lawrenson
7pm Ben Finch v Andy Barnett

good luck to everyone especially my brother shane who as been on fire the past month or so smashing everybody up locally and probably most improved player in uk this year.:-)

also i was surprised how bad team england played in world cup of pool in manila they were lucky to beat Qatar in round one 8-7 but i thought after that it would be the break they needed to kick on but by all accounts they played bad against france in round 2 and lost 8-6 very surprised as karl and daryl have prepared well and practised hard for this tournament but thats pool sometimes it just doesnt click..just hope england dont lose there seeding for next year because after missing out this year am determined to make sure am back there next year as its amazing atmosphere and to win in philippines there is no better feeling..

congrats to china who beat philippines b in final super strong pairing and know eachothers game inside out which big advantage in scotch doubles

lastly its my tournament tmrw predator uk 10ball masters £30 entry 11am start doors open 9.30am around £1500 prize fund £600 added still spots open visit pro9.co.uk and register or simply turn up on the day before 10.15am
rileys,barnsley,south yorkshire,peel street

ok time to pick myself up and focus on whats more important Winning :-)


Monday, 30 August 2010

back home for 3weeks and ready to prepare

Hi all got back home late last night shattered

euro tour was ok,i played pretty good and battled through a few matches then last 16 come unstuck against mark gray 6-4up was big turning point when i snookered myself unlucky to do so and after that didnt get chance until 7-6 and snookered myself again but this time bad shot and that was that mark played well also but he eventually lost in semi final to nvb 8-7 ..was little frustrated as i really fancied winning the tournament but hopefully next time.

congrats to karl boyes lost in final and 3rd final on a row great achievement especially on the equipment we playing on he on good run confidence high and everything going in his favour which all helps to provide success he guaranteed his spot in mosconi cup must be great feeling especially with it been in london,rest of us just got to keep plodding and trying to snap of a big tournament win but still plenty of pool left before the full team finalised..

finland was my first time was good place bit expencive but the venue was great just not sure it suited for a pool tournament but would certainly look forward to going back helsinki.

my next big tournament will be china open will fly the 20th before then knuckle down for this money match on the 11th with david peat and few smaller tournaments here in uk..

well done to all the brits once again on the euro tour think we now have 9 players in top 20 not bad to say only around 10-11 brits play on the euro tour :-)

thanks also to predator for all there support towards me and pool in general and thanks for sponsoring the up coming predator uk 10ball masters

last note good luck to england in the world cup of pool karl boyes and daryl peach in manila

check back soon have a good week everyone

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Good weekend and whats on this week.

since arriving back last week by body clock been all over place i havent slept much since getting back but boy did i make up for it yesterday after a mad weeekend last night i put in a 16 hours shift zzzzz just hope be ok for euro tour as havent practise at all this week but sometimes rest more important and come back hungry to play and i feel have got the hunger back and ready to do some damage.

weekend was money match tv 3 at vegas sports bar wakefield which got to be said is now the home of pool in uk and the place for pool and money matches even when these nights dont take place there is lots of action not thousands but enough to keep players competitive and keep the banter going..:-)
unfortunatley i couldnt get a match up last weekend which bit sad really when so many good players in uk and i was offering hugh handicaps to top players and good players.. hopefully i can still get a game for money match 4..if not i will probably go switzerland as not allowed to play predator 10ball in manila lol.

weekend was great The afternoon matches were lee brett v jamie yates really close match to call and lee rigby v brett armer all four good lads.
jamie and lee was real close all the way jamie had the early lead but couldnt pull away from lee,at 15-15 jamie missed a 9ball he would never miss ever again but believe me its amazing the balls you can miss playing 9ball so dont beat yourself up too much jamie..that turned the match and lee runout a 21-18 winner and will defend his crown 18th sept am sure jamie be back he really solid cueist and still improving like most these guys they come from snooker or 8ball so its a completly different game.

well my pal lee rigby is back to playing pool and its so refreshing to see as he used to love the game and practised for hours on end back in the day, 2 years ago he was a top 16 player in uk then disaster struck as he woke up one day and didnt have any feeling from his shoulder all way down his right arm and to make it worse its his cueing arm as he right handed :-( so he parylised on that side but still he continued to run gb9 and found other things in his life to keep his spirits up not least the main thing in his life girlfriend jo :-) talk about been loved up he like a schoolkid again lol. plus he found a way to play golf which he does good.but recently he found a little bit of feeling again in his right side so decided to hit few balls he will never get back to what he was full health wise but at least he can do something he loves although he does get frustrated alot as he cant quite play to the level he once did,but still playing good pool at a amatuer level and its great to see.. last month he beat aslam 21-13 this time he come up against brett
lee got of to great start up 10-2 was hard for brett as nerves got the better of him but people need to understand the pressure these guys under they playing under conditions they never witnessed before ,walk on music lights,tv,interviews,and big crowds not easy for anyone never mind amatuer pool players but it great to see them get a taste of what the top professionals experience in the big tournaments worldwide.anyway brett made a fight of the match and come back to 16-12 before lee made a great shot on the 9ball and from there played great to win 21-12 well done pal and unlucky brett he will be back and a true gentleman ..

evening matches well what can you say big crowds and also the finchy army lol. ben finch on tv table v dave nelson both from west yorkshire dave brought few people with him to keep him going but wow did the finch family and friends turn out or what :-) Also ben finch is like a brother to me we go back so long since he was 14-15 years old some 16 years ago i know his family and we come from same pool teams back in old days of english 8ball and ben had so much potential at 8ball but other things got in way which held him back but still was class 8ball player and one of the best amatuers in uk for many years,then he had few year break from cuesports then one day he tried his hand at 9ball and the rest history he been playing now around 8months which great to see but even better because he on the scene and his a great friend to me so it nice to see him around as i didnt hardly ever see him for years due to me playing all over world and ben not playing.plus his girlfriend is my cousin emma and i see wedding bells in the future so we could be related soon haha..
the match couldnt have started any better for ben taking a 9-1 lead playing great and dave bit edgy but then when you get a lead like that its difficult to stay focused on the job sometimes and you sort of start playing too smart where the opponent starts playing more freely because nothing to lose and thats what happened dave got himself together and ben had few wobbles,and the score stood 17-16 to ben great comeback by dave but then ben really showed his balls and played awesome to close the match out 21-16 great match and great atmosphere throughout well done both players.
next match on table 2 was craig dixon v gary anderson
known craig long time and always had natural talent but not always the brain especailly at tournaments he easily lead astray with drink ,but thankfully for money he gets himself together and shows what he capable of and this time was too much for gary just lack of experience from gary told really and craig kept his foot on the gas and won 21-11 and will be looking to defend his crown on the 18th sept..
after the matches people get hammered make a fool of themselves on kareoke mentioning no names :-) yes i did sing but cant remember what lol my dad said wonder of you by elvis lol. then we head up town later and i really cant remember much about it just that i couldnt walk straight and the next day i had biggest headace ever lol. but congrats to andy appleton and shoka at vegas sports bar its perfect venue for money matches and great atmosphere andy does amazing job on the microphone interviewing the players doing the mc stuff before during and after the matches awesome. walk on music the vegas mascot rio it all clicks togehter and its a great pleasure to be part of it for any player.lastly to pete and ang at cuesportv they do so much for pool in uk and travel all over uk and they have grown the production and done great job to bring uk pool on tv and without them it just wouldnt be the same so big up for them. and by the way myself and chris melling did a hour in the booth on the ben finch v david nelson match was bit tipsy so good fun i think..

next matches on the 18th september this time 3 defending champions can be challenged and 2 wildcard matches ..

day after i headed to my home club rileys barnsley for a 8ball comp run by lee rigby around 21 runners played in groups to the last 8 somehow i got through the group feeling awefull but was lucky i at to beat andy appleton to qualify at 4-4 he had good chance to beat me but lucky for me snookered himself on the black and i won 5-4 then i beat adam clarke 7-0 played great.. then the last 4 players decided to split the cash and go home as we was all knackered from night before,myself,james kay,arfan dad.shane appleton..

tmrw i head to finland for the first time ever helsinki for euro tour i been to airport once but never outside the airport so looking forward to this event and i really need to get my act together on euro tour the last 12months been pretty poor which frustrating as i been doing good in usa and asia just need to take that form into events in europe so fingers crossed for a good finish there.

also in the middle of booking my flights booked for sarejevo open in oct,
sept still frustrating as not sure what my shcedule is of now.. i wanted to play predator 10ball manila but looks like cant because it not sanctioned and a tournament in switzerland is by epbf so its rather playing money match night 4 18th september if i can get a game at vegas sports bar.. if not i will probably play swiss open as it also looks a good tournament and 50k prize fund.
i will definatly go shanghai 20th sept for china open world ranking tournament, then 27th head to bangkok thailand for pattaya invitational 32 players 16 invites including myself chris melling,steve moore,efren reyes,alex pagualyan, etc should be good tournament thanks for invite :-) and also get to see some friends at megabreak in pattaya and bonus that they playing the tournament there its a great pool room i was there 2 years ago so if you ever go pattaya drop by there..

right thats me for now better get ready for tmrw as i fly out to finland wish me luck


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Busy time ahead :-)

welcome to my other blog lol.
i do have a different blog on my website www.darrenappleton.com but from now on i will paste what i write on both blogs.
thanks to dave knight at www.pro9.co.uk for giving me a vip blog spot on his website its a great idea and gives us the players and the website more exposure.:-)

i got busy period and excited times ahead firstly am happy to eport my game in good shape and feel really strong mentally and feel like am approaching my peak just at the right time of the year and i feel really hungry again for success,recently i been in good form last few tournaments i finished 9th euro tour,2nd gb9 tour split a final of yorkshire 9ball open with chris melling,and finally 3rd place at guniness world series of pool in indonesia beating the likes of dennis orcullo and ralf souquet along the way before losing to eventual champion jundel mazon 8-6.

up and coming events next week my first time to finland for european pool tour helsinki so looking forward to that. then back home and prepare for something really big a minimum 100k bet money match against david "viffer" peat poker player from las vegas,he is coming to england to play poker and agreed to play me on the 11th september at rileys,barnsley in south yorkshire race to 15 am giving 16-4 handicap means i got to make 16balls to his 4 per rack,i did beat him in a few sets in las vegas in may giving him 15-4 handicap so i feel confident about my chances especially playing at home which is very rare i get big games in uk.

on the 12th sept same venue day after am running predator uk 10ball masters like to htank predator for there sponsorship towards the annual event this will its 2nd year running.you can enter by visiting www.pro9.co.uk or contact me through my website www.darrenappleton.com

rest of sept little bit up in the air which is frustrating i want to go manila 13th sept to play predator 10ball international open 15th-19th but its clashes with gstaad swiss open same time and the swiss open is sanctioned by epbf but predator 10ball not sanctioned so epbf tring to stop us playing if so i will probably play in swiss open as its a good tournament too with good prize fund.. then from there go to shanghai for china open 22nd-26th sept then 27th head to thailand pattaya for a tournament there which starts 1st-4th october pattaya invitational 9ball.

then from thailand head home for day or two then head to sarejevo open in bosnia 8-10th oct then to us open 9ball in virginia so really busy schedule ahead.

also i decided i will put a shop up on my website and hoping in near future to design my own cueline and other cool stuff so watch out for that and keep checking my website.

for now i still got jetlag as just got back from manila where i had break from pool its 2.45am and i feel wide awake :-(.but the trip was worth it was great to see my friends dave,steve,gerry, and i got to play efren reyes for around 1k i lost 21-16 but enjoyed the night and will play him again for sure.

also last note i was so saddened to hear the loss of chris mellings mam 2 weeks ago while at the airport in jakarta on my way to manila she was a great person and will be sadly missed and my thoughts and condolances go out to chris and his family stay strong pal and focus on what you do best and do it for your mam.

oh nearly forgot i watched the final of world 8ball championships from blackpool last night english 8ball wow what a performance from mick hill to beat gaz potts 11-8 some awesome finishes in the match was one of the best matches ever on tv congrats to both players.

ok ill try and keep this blog updated much as possible

thanks for reading


Saturday, 2 January 2010

new year and new website on the way :-)

happy new year to everyone hope you all had great time with family and friends.. am sure glad i took 2 weeks of from playing pool it does burn you out mentally..but 2009 was great year few low points especially challenge of champions which i dogged,other big dissapointments were mosconi cup of course but at same time great experience,and a couple of other tournaments i gave away but in general got to be really happy playing around 40 tournaments 30 top 10 finishes 25 top 5 finishes becoming World no 1 for 3 months that was massive highlight for me,now am currently ranked no 3 so still good position also winning 10 tournaments world pool masters,us open 10ball bar table,5x gb9 tour titles and all 5 consecutive which is record..uk 10 ball masters champion,nations cup champions,blaze tour usa winner, and other notable top finishes 2nd challenge of champions,3rd Qatar Open,5th World 10 Ball,2nd derby city straight pool champs,5th derby city 9ball,2nd us open 9ball bar table,2nd all around us bar table championships,4th us open 8ball bar table,2nd andy mercer 9ball las vegas,7th philippine open,5th world cup of pool,5th predator 10ball,2nd euro tour austria,3rd euro tour holland,and represented europe in mosconi cup NOT BAD year :-) shows my consistancy getting better and i look to improve for 2010 i learnt alot of things in 09 and took some great advice and now i feel i belong amonst the best players in the world.. so watch out for dynamite this year :-)

after 2 weeks rest tmrw i start playing again as jan very busy month for me with predator 10ball spain and europe v asia in brunie.. then world team champs in germany then ill be in states from feb...

also my website will be up soon with blog also so watch out for that going to be good! like to thank adam cousins for all his hard work so far top man

also thanks for my sponsors for 2009 predatorcues and la cafe philippines appreciate the support and help ..

best wishes everyone and see you all down the road

Darren Appleton