Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mosconi cup and MVP :-) Plus inside look of team Europe :-)

First of all the past 2 months been a amazing for me on the table and of the table :-))
I changed my grip on the cue and couple of other small things pretty simple really but it took some time to get used to these changes it was around June that I realized these changes at to be done after seeing and speaking to couple of people I started to change the way I gripped the cue my game suffered badly at first from June to sept I couldn't string results together but I played some great matches and some awe full matches but the new grip was beating me mentally when close matches and under pressure, but then I take break for 2 weeks in pattaya and that gave me time to come back fresh and different outlook and figure what I needed to do,and that was just play freely and trust the new grip so that's what I did ,from sarejevo open everything changed I played great finished 3rd and now I was playing without any doubts or thoughts about the new grip this gave lot of confidence for us open and the rest is history 1st place there then 3rd at Steve mizerak championship, 2nd at gb9ball tour then 1st at euro tour spain then topped it off with winning mosconi cup team Europe and winning award MVP ( most valuable player).. It's ended up been the greatest year in pool for me and can't wait for next year :-)

But most of all because these changes am seeing the ball better my ,my tempo better,my pace around table better,and I hit the ball better it's a great combination to have on a consistent bases I feel like am reborn and playing with freedom like I did when was 17 years old and playing with natural ability again let's hope this continues for many years to come .

To the mosconi cup
Well what can I say besides what a team what a captain what support we had from all over Europe amazing ..
The week started awful for me as I was stuck in Spain for 36 hours alicante airport 2 cancelled flights and one big delay but all well I finally
arrive in London to my amazing hotel room at town hall hotel around 3am Tuesday ,but was up early to meet my team mates and captain and wifes and girlfriends for breakfast ,from word go we had busy schedule set out by Johan we practiced and bonded as a team did some
sightseeing ,eating good food :-) Wednesday was great day as we set out for the holly Grail Johan was the brains and inspiration behind this we all pledged our code of honor to the team all written down and signed by the players each of which the player would bring to the team
and table so it was important to not break our code in which none of us did was truly amazing team effort and Johan also set a plan out for
the team to get stronger each day and reach our goals another job done as we got stronger each day on and off the table awesome
,and at the end of the tournament Johan set up a meeting in his room with just the players and gave the most amazing speeches to each player and the whole team Johan awarded Karl with team europes flag the knights of 9ball well deserved and I won the code of honor award
which meant so much to me but again the whole team deserved this award too so I would like to dedicate to them !!
I don't want to give too much away about Johan because he coaches for a living but he defiantly the best man in the business and a great
captain anybody wanting help with there game and the mental aspects please get in touch with Johan rusyink he can be found on fb
:-) HE was the inspiration behind the teams victory

Also to all the wags of the team everyone one of you were amazing and played a great part in our victory your support and understanding wasn't unnoticed thanks again.you rocked it :-)

Also special mention to mine and Karl boyes manager Dave Carter he did so much for me and Karl but also the whole team really appreciate it Dave you played big part in the team thanks again :-) and excited to working with you next year and beyond !

To our 6th man the fans who were simply amazing the support and singing was just something dreams our made of it's simply the greatest mosconi cup ever by far all backed up by matchroom and all the players like mika and ralf who have appeared in nearly everyone,
the mosconi cup as grown so much in recent years and I believe will just grow and grow into something all none pool fans can relate to. So thanks again to the fans around Europe simply awesome I played pool a long time but I never experienced anything like at York hall before
gave me goosebumps tip to toe and inspired me so much:-)
And soon as I got home I watched the whole event back was great feeling it must have been awesome to watch it live :-)

To my team mates
Ralf arrived with injury to shoulder after a weeks treatment he was just about ready to play and even by his own high standards he said he didn't play his best he still gave everything to the team on and off the table and any half fit ralf souquet would still make any team in the world he bring calmness to the team and experience you can't buy,and he still walks away with a winning record and the honor to win the cup for us must be amazing feeling and fully deserved..legend

After a dodgy first half of year the last few months he been in great form and I knew he was going to play great this year at mosconi and boy did he after a rocky start day one from day two he just got stronger and stronger and made tough shot after tough shot one the greatest shot makers of all time and true inspiration to watch thanks pal u was great on and off the table..

What a guy if you look up loyalty and passion in the dictionary u will see nicks name right there he gives everything on and off the table and the fun factor of the table real team player one of the best and great all around player,he was unlucky in 3 hill hill matches same thing happen with me last year but he pulled rabbits out of the hat Saturday night when he played doubles with mika was a true great performance and was positive in every shot one off the greatest nights ever in pool the celebrations after that match never seen before :-)) and he got the best song also from the fans :-))

What can you say rookie of the team
Long time friend of mine and I even helped him get into American pool as I backed him on the ipt along with 3 other guys who knows what he would be doing now had he not played the ipt tour ,but I believed in him and talked few guys into chipping in and backing him on the ipt and the rest is history ,between 07/08 he was disillusioned with pool and life and what he wanted he even tried plastering course lol but then his manger Dave Carter come along helped him out and transformed his attitude and life and now he very professional and in the gym lost weight and putting the hours in and started to fulfill his potential the past 12 months been amazing for him and am so happy for him,and he played awesome in mosconi cup 5 wins from 6points as a rookie just amazing and suppose if it wasn't for my performance he would have been MVP but am sure if he continues his form he will be in las Vegas next year to defend the cup :-)

Like I said before Johan his the perfect coach and captain his honesty and brains were Hugh part on us winning I played under lot of captains and managers fro American pool and English pool but Johan tops them all if u need coaching or help mentally contact Johan on facebook himself and Alex lely do bootcamps two of the best coaches in the game if not the best ..

Finally the 6th man the fans
Thanks to everyone one of you,Was amazing ,inspired us to reach levels of play we produced when needed and sometimes pushed us over the line and thanks for been so well behaved and spending your hard earned money to come travel get hotels ,drinks etc really appreciate it,but next year we will need you again in las Vegas dec 8th-11th MGM grand please come in force without you we cannot win and you know the Americans will be out for blood next year so we need your support more than ever and hey las Vegas not bad place to go eh ..?:-)

Finally myself I suppose lol
Well last year I played pretty good but no points no rolls and we lost so this year I was pumped up soon as I knew I had made the team I prepared well I didn't drink for 4 weeks even after winning euro tour I still stay on the tea :-) and it all paid off, and yes I got involved with the press just like the Americans did I responded to some comments by the American team such as rodey Morris saying they had more heart than us which I totally disagree we have so much heart and the last 3-4 years as proved that as we only lost 1 mosconi cup in the last 5 and Europeans have dominated pool the last 3 years regards tournaments world champions ,us open ,etc proofs in the pudding which makes us the best pool players in the world!! And definatley the past 3 years nobody can argue with facts, yes the Filipinos might be more talented no doubt about but maybe we are more disciplined more professional,and great under pressure and great cueist, we play to our strenghs in Europe and it seems to be working very well for us.. People talk about money matches why don't we gamble well some people like it some people dont and Europeans just do what's best for them they don't need to gamble to put bread on the table, but it seems in America and Asia they do need to gamble which I have no problem with ,but I think it's just in there blood from early age unlike most Europeans! but I hate the hustling side of pool.. Personally I like money matches and I've played for money all over world and believe am the only westerner to walk away from Philippines up on the money after beating so many top players there for a lot of money something am very proud of ,but most of all it improved my game so much so I have lot to thank them for yes they are the best players in the world regards talent and knowledge of the game ,but I believe we are the best winners and play to our strenghs with a complete different style to Filipinos.and the results show our way works best at the moment!!
But everyone entitled to there opinion
And on another interview I did I was slightly misquoted on saying I feared for Dennis hatch safety all I said was it be interesting to see how Dennis copes with the crowd if things not going his way,and then I was asked about boxing as myself and Dennis are former amateur boxers .. I said well Dennis too heavy for me but tongue in cheek I said am sure the crowd would take care of me if it comes to a boxing match which people took offense to on some pool forums sadly. I don't have any problem with Americans especially the team they brought over they play hard and are pretty cool guys of the table but suppose they need to learn to lose a little better after trashing our practise room with drawing nasty things on our posters come on guys it's only a game your bigger than that !!!!
Anyway on a more positive note my own performance am chuffed with but all credit to the team for believe they gave me especially the captain and to win MVP was great icing on the cake beyond my wildest dreams..my match with hatch and svb will live with me forever .

Little information I will let out that nobody knows is if the match was 10-9 the next singles was captains picks for opposite team would have been Karl boys v Dennis hatch

And if the score was 10-10 it's was myself v Dennis hatch I would have been ready to play but very thankful ralf eneded the cup in style and the celebrations in the bar later were memorable to say the least

Thanks to everyone once again for a great year and a great end to the year Europe we are the champion

I am currently spending Xmas in America first time for me and very excited to see what it's like here over Xmas :-) and am hanging Out with the coolest people I ever met :-)...time to rest over Xmas period :-))

Hope you all have a wonderful Xmas and new year

Be safe



  1. Very detailed and interesting things in your article Daz. Thanks for the memories, see you in the USA in 2011 ! Enjoy the end of the year !

  2. stojanovic philipp20 December 2010 at 07:53

    amazing post pal. wish you all the best in the states. c u soon champ!!