Saturday, 6 November 2010

So Far so good :-)

I was a late arrival for this tournament steve mizerak championships part of the florida pro tour.. i decided two days before the event to play glad i did.. am currently into the last 4 on the winners bracket playing really solid ..today i will play earl strickland so am excited for that match up..also i must say the venue is great and great hotel and the prize money good 20k winner so all good.

tmrw or monday i will head to the east coast and spend around 10 days there with a friend of mine ,i plan to relax have fun and maybe play some golf as am addicted even though i still lot to improve on lol especially hitting a 17 on a par 3 lost a few balls to the swans that hole lol.. and really start hitting the gym this next 2 weeks getting ready for mosconi cup in london thats going to be amazing this year and both teams look so strong ,before mosconi i will go to euro tour in spain and this event will be my brothers first euro tour (shane) who is currently ripping the amatuer scene up in uk so be interested to see how it handles the euro tour.

just like to thanks everyone again for all the messages i recieved the past 2 weeks i wanted to reply to them all butt i just havent had a spare 6 hours or so i would need .. i mean the amount of text messages,emails,and my facebook just went nuts for a week well over 100 inbox messages so if didnt get round to reply to them all sorry but i did read them and am very grateful for the support and kind messages they really do help and it makes me want to win even more knowing people out there genuinly want me to do good :-)

anyway hope for more titles in future am really happy with my game i made few changes few months ago at first i was thinkijg about it too much when i was down on the cue but now it coming natural and hence the results and because of this i reckon the last 20 competitive matches i played i maybe missed a average of one ball per match so it definatly coming together,and now am really looking forward to rest of year and then really get ready for next year as am really hungry for success and ready for the battles..


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