Tuesday, 22 March 2011

FUry straight pool champion plus more !

It’s been a good few weeks, I would have liked a little better, but that’s pool.  I’ve been very consistent this year so far.  I arrived in USA mid-January and played DCC (Derby City Classic), picked up 1st and 2nd in the Straight Pool and Fat Boy 10 Ball challenge, and lost in the semi final at the World 8 Ball Championship in February.  At Valley Forge,  I played really good to reach 5th place in the 10 Ball Players’ Championships.  After 12 hours straight of playing with no breaks, I got a little tired in my last match with SVB and lost 10-8.  It’s actually the first time he’s beaten me on the 9ft table, but I suppose he’s got to win eventually.  I was down 6-2 and came back to draw level at 7-7, but I missed a good chance to go in front and it cost me the match in the end.  Big positives from the tournament, I was breaking so good… much improved break and was hitting them great with control consistently, so that excites me for future tournaments.  Congrats to Ralf Souquet on becoming the champion, ever so consistent… and even though he didn’t play his best game in final, he always finds a way to win :-)

I did manage to win the Fury Straight Pool Challenge at Valley Forge beating John Schmidt in the final.  I didn’t play good due to tiredness and it was cold in the room, but any win is great.  That’s my second straight pool title this year… not bad to say I rarely play straight pool.  I have only ever entered 6 straight pool tournaments, I won 4 of the 6 and placed 2nd and 9th, so maybe this year I should compete in the World Straight Pool Championships. Thanks to Fury for putting on a great tournament and all the hard work they do to make it happen.

This weekend gone, I played the NYC 9 Ball Championships.  It was a good field and good payout plus calcutta.  I was playing really good but come up against Jason Klatt, was bad match, I made a few schoolboy errors, especially at hill-hill.  I missed an easy 3 ball, I didn’t look at the shot because I was just thinking of position for the next ball.  It cost me the match and probably the chance of the title.
I did come back strong on the losers’ side.  I played great in beating:  Stevie Moore, Eddie Abraham, John Morra, and a local guy Kong.  I made a bad mistake in the first rack against Saez.  He then run the next 3 racks to go up 4-0, then another mistake from me, it was curtains 7-1 loss… 3rd place not bad.
I was happy to see Jason Klatt take the title, much improved player this past year, well done Jason.

Like I said, it’s been a good few months for me.  I carried my form on since October last year and I know I can still get better, which excites me even more.  I know my best is still to come on a regular basis.

I go back UK tomorrow to see my family, play a 3 man team tournament on the weekend, and then get ready for Philippine Open.

Got a crazy schedule coming, lots of trips… Asia, Europe, America

I really enjoy my life in the States and love spending time with Angie.  She is an amazing person and her family and friends are great also.  Sometimes you get lucky and meet someone where you have so much common and everything just clicks and it’s happened for me, so I’m extremely happy with life.

Other news, my brand of polo shirts will be on sale soon.  Hope you will like them, thanks to Yannick and Adam for all their hard work.

Lastly, the pool world has recently experienced a great loss.  It was sad to hear the news of the passing of George Sansouci at the age of 39.  Top pool player from New York and was always friendly to me… always congratulated me on my recent successes… always a gentleman.  RIP George


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Semi finalist world 8 ball

Hi just laid by the pool in Dubai :-)
I had a good tournament in world 8ball championships was sad way to lose I didn’t get to shoot with it been winner break . I lose to Niels Fiejen 9-0 I win the lag break the balls really good but no luck on the break and Niels runs 6racks, he then breaks leaves me no shot I play a low percentage jump as I have no safety option I make a good hit but didn’t make the ball was real tough shot. And that was it niels run next 3 racks lol I never experienced a match like that before in my life I was just sitting in the chair for over 1 hour lol. He played great so it way cookie crumbles . Shame as I felt great and the match before in my quarter final I was at my absolute best I was down 2-1 to joven alba strong Filipino who beat efren Reyes earlier in the tournament . From 2-1 I run the whole march out without my opponent leaving The chair and more pleasing I very rarely had a straight forward table I was in tough situations and difficult layouts after the break but my 8ball knowledge really showed up which is good because under them conditions it rarely shows up 95% of the time the tables are laying easy after the break. If we played on smaller pockets and after break from outside the box then 8ball knowledge would show up much more which would suite me nicely.. But 4th place another top 4 finish in a major that’s around 10top 5 finishes now in 3years including 3 wins so it’s good that am so consistent in the main tournaments :-) against the best players in the world ! and good I’ve established myself in the game as one of the worlds best players that was my goal few years ago and everything gone to plan and the future is really exciting for me.. Am really enjoying my time in states and focusing on the bigger events I feel its the right thing to do for me as I have no problem getting mentally prepared for the big tournaments in the smaller Events I find myself lacking motivation and that leads to lazy play..

Bit bad news
I was supposed to fly to us masters yesterday but I forgot to update my esta visa to travel to united states after recieving a new passport few Weeks ago and because I arrived at airport late I didn’t get the esta visa number in time .. Reason I was late to airport because I waited all day to get paid for world 8ball then they said come back at 7.30pm I said fine my flight wasn’t until 12.50am Fujairah to Dubai airport is around 80mile drive hr 20mins so i had plenty of time .But when arrived at 7.30pm the guy wasn’t around with the money so we at to wait until 9:30pm to get paid.. Little annoyed if I got paid at 7.30pm I would have time to register for a esta visa and would have made us masters.. So i am sorry to barry behrem and everyone associated with us masters that i will not be attending i hope the tournaments a great success and hope to play next year..

On a happier note ! least I get to spend few more days in Dubai staying at the beautiful jumeirah beach hotel it’s paradise :-).. My next tournament will be valley vorge look forward to that ..

Also my own brand of shirts will be on sale soon hope you will like them I really like the designs :-)


Thursday, 6 January 2011

2010 Player of the Year :-)

Very happy to be announced player of the year.

Caps of a great end to 2010 its a long tradition that azbilliards and insidepoolmag have done these awards and to follow people like ,Efren Reyes,Francisco Bustamante,Earl Strickalnd,Jonny Archer,Shane Van Boeing,Ralf Souquet,Mika Immonen and many more great players makes you realise what a honour it is and to achieve this so early in my american pool career is a little overwhelming to be honest and still pinching myself I mean i first started playing in 2006 but most of that year was 8ball on the I.P.T so i didn’t seriously start playing 9ball and10ball etc until late 2006/2007 so to do what have done in such short space of time is mad really,not that am complaining am just trying to get my head around it, I know i have worked hard and studied the game and i knew my mental strength would take me far in the game but to achieve so much in past 3 years really is a dream..

It was only yesterday i was reflecting on what i done since 2007 and time as gone gone quick since then and as pool players we don’t get much time to reflect as the tournaments come thick and fast and we are one end of world week by week month by month ..

but to win world 10ball championships,derby city straight pool,world pool masters,2x euro tours,us open 9ball champion,captained great Britain to world team title,mosconi cup champions,mosconi cup most valuable player,World ranked no 1, win so many other smaller titles such as gb9 tour titles,us open bar table 10ball,and so many others and have so many high finishes in other majors like 5th us open,2nd challenge of champions,3rd Qatar open,5th world 10ball,3rd world 8ball, 3rd Guinness world series. its all been great few years and seems so long since the English 8ball days where i was pretty much in a slump and had no discipline but thankfully i found my place in the world where i belong and something i really love doing and because of that am enjoying life and giving pool 100% Plus i want to continue to get stronger and stronger in the years to come.When you get to experience winning major titles and representing europe in the mosconi cup or representing your country in the world team championships it makes all the hard work and hours of practise worthwhile there is no better feeling in the world.

but i really put all my success down to a few things 2006/2007 playing hours and days weeks and months of money matches in the (home of pool) which is Philippines that’s where i really learnt alot and in between these trips i was in America on the road gambling so it was all great learning and made me tougher mentally and made me accept defeat easier when i did lose..

Also i have so much to thank to my backer Dave Wright who really believed in me this guy funded me and took me all over world showed so much faith and confidence in me, putting me in money matches for high stakes in the Philippines and America 2006/07 when i had no experience in American pool he believed in me and i will be forever grateful because without him i wouldn’t be where i am now for sure ,and its amazing to think that i come away from Philippines and America always up on the money it was great times together that’s what you call gambling lol.. so big thanks to Dave wright its been a great ride pal and we proved all the doubters wrong you will always be one of my best mates and the guy i will always have to thank for where i am now so thanks so much once again Dave for all you do for me these past 5-6 years its really appreciated..

and also my rock s in my life my mum and dad for giving me this gift and pushing me to always stay grounded and keep working hard you are the best parents anyone could want and love you so much,and to my brothers craig and shane for all there support over years especially shane for all them hours of practise over past 18 years from english 8ball to american pool and to andy my cousin for bringing me into pool for helping me along.

and to my friends and fans who push me so hard to do better and other people that have contributed in my career to date the likes of frank and barbara grice,lee rigby, simon dvali,paul stoner,ben finch,and so many others appreciate it guys

also big mention to my home pool hall rileys,barnsley george vettas and all his staff thanks so much for allowing me my own table and everything you do for me at the club am really grateful its the best club in uk.

and currently i have a great team working for me thanks to dave carter for all you are doing for me at qsportsmanagement

and to predator cues for all the great support you show me and the sponsorship appreciate it alot

and lastly thanks to adam cousins for all hard work you have done on the website great job buddy and adam also works at Riley’s,barnsley see him there if you would like a website

thanks again for all messages and support i hope 2011 will be even better year

roll on..