Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Changes in Life :-)

First of all big well done to jayson shaw from scotland winning world blackball championship its sure a good ttile to win and will give him alot of confidence to win more world titles in the future :-)

also my trip to america recently was great and very relaxing and gave me alot of time to think of what am doing next year..

so i would like to officially announce that from january 2011 i will be based in america am excited but at same time little nervous its a big thing to leave your family behind and close friends but thankfully the internet powerful which will help keep in touch with them all time, Plus am sure i will try to get back to uk when time allows.The next 12 months going to be exciting for sure and am currently looking for appartment and a new set of golf clubs lol.I will be based around east coast and looking forward to spending my first xmas in states with some amazing people.

So to all my american friends i look forward to seeing more of you and also i will be available for tournaments,pool clinics,and pool exhibitions if your interested please contact my agent David Carter through Qsportsmanagement email david.carter@qsportsmanagement.com

Sadly for my fans in europe it means i will not be playing much pool in and around europe especially Euro tours and gb9ball tour but i thank you for all the support you all give me and hope it continues in the future,I will always represent England and great britain/Europe for rest of my whole life as am very proud to be british.

So i have lots of things to work on in next week to get ready for states and euro tour in spain then mosconi cup London exciting months ahead.

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i will update again next week.


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