Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Changes in Life :-)

First of all big well done to jayson shaw from scotland winning world blackball championship its sure a good ttile to win and will give him alot of confidence to win more world titles in the future :-)

also my trip to america recently was great and very relaxing and gave me alot of time to think of what am doing next year..

so i would like to officially announce that from january 2011 i will be based in america am excited but at same time little nervous its a big thing to leave your family behind and close friends but thankfully the internet powerful which will help keep in touch with them all time, Plus am sure i will try to get back to uk when time allows.The next 12 months going to be exciting for sure and am currently looking for appartment and a new set of golf clubs lol.I will be based around east coast and looking forward to spending my first xmas in states with some amazing people.

So to all my american friends i look forward to seeing more of you and also i will be available for tournaments,pool clinics,and pool exhibitions if your interested please contact my agent David Carter through Qsportsmanagement email david.carter@qsportsmanagement.com

Sadly for my fans in europe it means i will not be playing much pool in and around europe especially Euro tours and gb9ball tour but i thank you for all the support you all give me and hope it continues in the future,I will always represent England and great britain/Europe for rest of my whole life as am very proud to be british.

So i have lots of things to work on in next week to get ready for states and euro tour in spain then mosconi cup London exciting months ahead.

also dont forget you can follow me on facebook and twitter

i will update again next week.


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Steve Mizerak championship 3rd place

ok i got 3rd place carried my good form from us open, i really do love the equipment in american and the rules compared to euro tour its a different game much more safety and better tables with smaller pockets which suits me fine.. i was probably one roll of the ball from winning this tournament i was up 8-6 against earl and he got a sick roll against me the lowest ball the 3 ball stayed over the pocket but somehow the 10ball was right in front of it so i couldnt even hit the 3 by kicking at it so i forced to play DF.. if i could see the 3ball i was out to win 9-6 as the table was so easy.. and at 8-8 he very nearly scratched on his break only left me a jump shot combo which somehow stayed out i lose 9-8 then i win 2 matches with hohman and mika immonen only to lose in the losers final against shaun putman couple of loose easy saftey shots and shaun played really good at 4-0 i missed a tricky one ball besides that i didnt do anything wrng just no luck on the break as i hit them good but no friends this time but like i said putman played strong..so 3rd place pretty good and a result that moves me to the top of the money list for the year which am sure to win now i think..:-)

the venue and hotel was first class and the final match with earl and shaun can be seen on fox sports 13th december ,even though earl seems to have some mental issues at times it was great to see him playing great again and snap this tournament off so good for him and congratulations to shaun on a great tournament and thanks to seminole for a great tournament keep up the good work i will definatley play more of these events next year.

currently am relaxing on the east coast with a friend its been great to not think about pool and switch of from it as the last 2-3 months been crazy busy and none stop travel from asia-euro-america-europe-america lol good to finally relax and try and improve my golf game and relax at evenings with cool people and good restuarants and spending money on shopping which puts a big hole in the pocket ..

i have one more week here then i will go home watch my brother in his 2nd money match against adam smith 20th nov then after that i will practise hard for mosconi cup but before that i will go spain for euro tour which i will treat as good preparation for mosconi going to be great end to year i believe..:-)

also good luck to my good friend jayson shaw who is currently in the world blackball final for english pool :-)this kid so talented he a great future in pool if he wants it..


Saturday, 6 November 2010

So Far so good :-)

I was a late arrival for this tournament steve mizerak championships part of the florida pro tour.. i decided two days before the event to play glad i did.. am currently into the last 4 on the winners bracket playing really solid ..today i will play earl strickland so am excited for that match up..also i must say the venue is great and great hotel and the prize money good 20k winner so all good.

tmrw or monday i will head to the east coast and spend around 10 days there with a friend of mine ,i plan to relax have fun and maybe play some golf as am addicted even though i still lot to improve on lol especially hitting a 17 on a par 3 lost a few balls to the swans that hole lol.. and really start hitting the gym this next 2 weeks getting ready for mosconi cup in london thats going to be amazing this year and both teams look so strong ,before mosconi i will go to euro tour in spain and this event will be my brothers first euro tour (shane) who is currently ripping the amatuer scene up in uk so be interested to see how it handles the euro tour.

just like to thanks everyone again for all the messages i recieved the past 2 weeks i wanted to reply to them all butt i just havent had a spare 6 hours or so i would need .. i mean the amount of text messages,emails,and my facebook just went nuts for a week well over 100 inbox messages so if didnt get round to reply to them all sorry but i did read them and am very grateful for the support and kind messages they really do help and it makes me want to win even more knowing people out there genuinly want me to do good :-)

anyway hope for more titles in future am really happy with my game i made few changes few months ago at first i was thinkijg about it too much when i was down on the cue but now it coming natural and hence the results and because of this i reckon the last 20 competitive matches i played i maybe missed a average of one ball per match so it definatly coming together,and now am really looking forward to rest of year and then really get ready for next year as am really hungry for success and ready for the battles..