Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Us open 9ball champion whoooo

what a week cant believe whats happened this time last week it was looking miserable year for me lacked motivation for some parts of the year..especially after my trip to las vegas where i played with no confidence back in may.. i slowly made some changes to my back hand and now it paid off as feel so much better with a cue in my hand more than ever.. and hopefully this will spring board me to more success..

since 2008 it been a great run won a euro tour ,derby city straight pool,plus other smaller events followed it with world 10ball,then world masters,then world team champions,i come close in world 8ball and world series but finally captured the us open 9ball title feels great and i played great all week.. lots of people to thanks obviously my folks who are the best my friends for there support and all the messages i recieved.. thanks predator cues for the sponsorship, rileys at barnsley for allowing me to have a diamond table at the pool hall that certainly helped me here.

thanks to all my fellow brits for support at the tournament

and to end a great week i got a spot in mosconi cup and pretty sure i have retained world no 1 ranking sweet :-)

just hope my suitcase arrives in one piece as my trophy and cue in there :-(

i go portugal today 5.25pm flight look forward to that and taking rest next week and celebrate this victory :-))

people asked does it feel better than winning world 10ball well they both feel different ,but probably this win will open more doors so we will see i was certainly on a big buzz and still am whooo hooo



  1. Well done Daz! I cant wait o see you kicking some USA ass at the Mosconi! There are a few of us coming from Oxford to support Team Europe for every session!!

    Ricky Clarke

  2. Great nerve to come back against the hatchet to give Team EUROPE the a 7 to 6 lead, that'll give the boys the impetus to go in and win back the mosconi cup. come on lads.