Monday, 30 August 2010

back home for 3weeks and ready to prepare

Hi all got back home late last night shattered

euro tour was ok,i played pretty good and battled through a few matches then last 16 come unstuck against mark gray 6-4up was big turning point when i snookered myself unlucky to do so and after that didnt get chance until 7-6 and snookered myself again but this time bad shot and that was that mark played well also but he eventually lost in semi final to nvb 8-7 ..was little frustrated as i really fancied winning the tournament but hopefully next time.

congrats to karl boyes lost in final and 3rd final on a row great achievement especially on the equipment we playing on he on good run confidence high and everything going in his favour which all helps to provide success he guaranteed his spot in mosconi cup must be great feeling especially with it been in london,rest of us just got to keep plodding and trying to snap of a big tournament win but still plenty of pool left before the full team finalised..

finland was my first time was good place bit expencive but the venue was great just not sure it suited for a pool tournament but would certainly look forward to going back helsinki.

my next big tournament will be china open will fly the 20th before then knuckle down for this money match on the 11th with david peat and few smaller tournaments here in uk..

well done to all the brits once again on the euro tour think we now have 9 players in top 20 not bad to say only around 10-11 brits play on the euro tour :-)

thanks also to predator for all there support towards me and pool in general and thanks for sponsoring the up coming predator uk 10ball masters

last note good luck to england in the world cup of pool karl boyes and daryl peach in manila

check back soon have a good week everyone

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