Friday, 22 October 2010

us open final

am in the final of the winners bracket at us open 9ball championships :-)..

i played great throughout the whole tournament and beat so many world class players including alcano,reyes,jayson shaw,corey duele,alcaide, just two wins away from the title .. so fingers crossed for tmrw its the most consistant ive ever played in a tournament i maybe only missed 5 or 6 balls in my last 6 matches.. so cant ask for much more..i played this way in world series and world 8ball also where i finished 3rd but there things didnt go my way in semi finals .so am determined tmrw to get it done and hope lady luck with me which we all need,my form been great the last few months but havent had the luck at the right times but this time so far so good and hope it all clicks tmrw ..also got to say the crowds this week have been awesome hugh amounts of people and it really gets the blood bioling :-)

thanks for all support appreciate it alot big day tmrw :-)


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