Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sick as a Parrott

Well what can i say that hasnt already been said on my facebook wall..
David peat (Viffer) Dippy pulled out of the match at the death very dissapointed

according to him he was told by people the club wasnt safe lol.which is utter nonsense he also said jamie stewart was behind it to simon dvali regards to the club not been safe and the safe in the club was a trick etc jamie stewart is a young lad from morcombe who as never been in the club so am not sure where he got his information from either way its all lies..

but having said all this i reasured dave his safety we went to extreme lenghs we hired doormen/security guards plus 200 people be there to watch and the money wouldnt be on the premises,the clubs members only its got cameras all over the club its safe as safe can be.myself,lee rigby,simon dvali,george vetters all told dave numerous times everything safe and we made sure of that..

david said ok the match on but if anything happen to him he holds me responsible this was week ago i said fine no problem so then he was arranging how to get to barnsley so match on,then last 2 days he gets cold feet again making out he doesnt feel safe, this is when i thought its got to be something else other than safety, only he really knows why,its annoying as i wastd 2 weeks playing everyday to get ready for the match where i could have been doing other things.

i feel bad for all thise that planned the weekend to come and watch and booked hotels so sorry to all those people and my backers.:-(

so thats that really he said maybe play in the week but i dont hold my breath we will see

onto myself and pool events coming up

its been a strange year for me lots of ups and downs 08/09 was amazing years with so much success and got upto world no 1 and during this time never dropped out of top 2..world rankings consist of 6-7 major championships per year.
currently am world no 5
current top 8 are
1.mika immonen
2.lee van corteza
3.karl boyes
4.ralf souquet
5.darren appleton
6.neils fiejen
7.antonio lining
8.kuo po cheng
this year been a funny one but last night i was on azbilliards site and was looking at money list am no 4 or 5 on money list and no 2 out of all european players so looking at that my year been pretty good actually only events where i not been playing that good is euro tours and gb9 events , Ijust cant seem to get the right mentality for these events as i do for the big ones something i need to work on in the future.

but on the world stage my results been really good
end of last year i put up good defence in world 10ball champs finished 5th losing to david alcaide 9-6 was great match he played awesome.

then start of this year
we won the world team championships the final against philippines we put in a great team performance

in another major championship world 8ball championships i finished 3rd losing to fiejen in semi final 10-6 just the dry breaks cost me.

then i went to america for us bar table championships but got sick for 9ball so pulled out.. but the 8ball i finished 2nd losing to a inspired earl strickland

then in vegas was pretty solid i finished 9th in us open 10 ball championships and 17th in world pool masters.. but then i played bad in the money match with chris bartrum

the world 9ball championships in doha the conditions there were too easy especially for level of players there.

then i went to guiness world series in jakarta this was great event 64 players and i played my best game upto the semi final but squandered a 5-2 lead and lost 8-6 so finished 3rd another high finish in a major but left sick about losing but took lot of positives..

so besides euro tours and gb9 my years been pretty good but at same time i feel dissapointed probably because i achieved so much in 08/09

so all in all not too bad year so far and still lot of exciting tournaments coming up

next week i travel to shanghia for china open then from china i go thailand for pattaya 10ball invitational

then from thailand to sarejevo for 10ball tournament.. then back home for 3 days before going to us open 9ball championships then from usa to portugal for euro tour :-).. all this end of september and the whole of actober so busy busy..
feel great about my game so really looking forward to these events.

also if any of you want to watch some great action next week visit vegas sports bar ,wakefield on stanley road
its money match tv night 4.
they have these events monthly where players match up and the winners stay on and get challenged the following month its great days play starts at 11am 2 matches then 3pm 2 matches and 7pm 2 matches 3 of the matches are streamed on www.cuesporttv.com

next matches saturday 18th
11am lee rigby v phil newman
11am lee brett v mick gibney

3pm dave nelson v kev simpson
3pm craig dixon v arfan dad

7pm shane appleton v matt lawrenson
7pm Ben Finch v Andy Barnett

good luck to everyone especially my brother shane who as been on fire the past month or so smashing everybody up locally and probably most improved player in uk this year.:-)

also i was surprised how bad team england played in world cup of pool in manila they were lucky to beat Qatar in round one 8-7 but i thought after that it would be the break they needed to kick on but by all accounts they played bad against france in round 2 and lost 8-6 very surprised as karl and daryl have prepared well and practised hard for this tournament but thats pool sometimes it just doesnt click..just hope england dont lose there seeding for next year because after missing out this year am determined to make sure am back there next year as its amazing atmosphere and to win in philippines there is no better feeling..

congrats to china who beat philippines b in final super strong pairing and know eachothers game inside out which big advantage in scotch doubles

lastly its my tournament tmrw predator uk 10ball masters £30 entry 11am start doors open 9.30am around £1500 prize fund £600 added still spots open visit pro9.co.uk and register or simply turn up on the day before 10.15am
rileys,barnsley,south yorkshire,peel street

ok time to pick myself up and focus on whats more important Winning :-)