Saturday, 28 November 2009

Last 32 world 10 Baall Championship

hi all

been in manila over 10days been good time and really enjoyed been reigning champion and the exposure and autograph signing.. but all this as made me even more hungry to retain this title so far so good..played really strong and feel really good mentally.. today last 32 at end of today 4 players will remain and i will give it everything to make sure am one of the 4 players left.. but no matter what its been the best year of my career ..

today i play 3pm local time live stream and uk time 8am hope you tune in and follow me on the journey...

strange reallly it only really sunk in what i acheived last year when i turned upto the press conference last week and did my defending champion speech very nervy moment for me :-)

so many great players have gone and so many great players left but i have chance for sure just need to stay strong and get the rolls same as anyone else race to 9 lot of pressure but i been there and done it so it doesnt faze me and am not frightened to win

wish me luck

ps 4 brits left so pretty good

chris melling let himself down great talent but thinks with his heart and not his head ... staying out till 7.30am drinking then going to play his match at 11am ..not the advice i would give to anyone.. and obviously he played awefull and went out of tournament.. hopefully for him its a big lesson,also some other brits crashed out karl boyes,scott higgins etc

to compete at this level you got to give yourself the best chance and be 100% fresh and aware..

hopefully i return with good news later


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  1. FFS Melling, what's he playing at?

    Awesome comeback against Chamat Daz, you can do it again pal. All the best in the quarters and beyond hopefully. Bring it home pal!