Sunday, 6 March 2011

Semi finalist world 8 ball

Hi just laid by the pool in Dubai :-)
I had a good tournament in world 8ball championships was sad way to lose I didn’t get to shoot with it been winner break . I lose to Niels Fiejen 9-0 I win the lag break the balls really good but no luck on the break and Niels runs 6racks, he then breaks leaves me no shot I play a low percentage jump as I have no safety option I make a good hit but didn’t make the ball was real tough shot. And that was it niels run next 3 racks lol I never experienced a match like that before in my life I was just sitting in the chair for over 1 hour lol. He played great so it way cookie crumbles . Shame as I felt great and the match before in my quarter final I was at my absolute best I was down 2-1 to joven alba strong Filipino who beat efren Reyes earlier in the tournament . From 2-1 I run the whole march out without my opponent leaving The chair and more pleasing I very rarely had a straight forward table I was in tough situations and difficult layouts after the break but my 8ball knowledge really showed up which is good because under them conditions it rarely shows up 95% of the time the tables are laying easy after the break. If we played on smaller pockets and after break from outside the box then 8ball knowledge would show up much more which would suite me nicely.. But 4th place another top 4 finish in a major that’s around 10top 5 finishes now in 3years including 3 wins so it’s good that am so consistent in the main tournaments :-) against the best players in the world ! and good I’ve established myself in the game as one of the worlds best players that was my goal few years ago and everything gone to plan and the future is really exciting for me.. Am really enjoying my time in states and focusing on the bigger events I feel its the right thing to do for me as I have no problem getting mentally prepared for the big tournaments in the smaller Events I find myself lacking motivation and that leads to lazy play..

Bit bad news
I was supposed to fly to us masters yesterday but I forgot to update my esta visa to travel to united states after recieving a new passport few Weeks ago and because I arrived at airport late I didn’t get the esta visa number in time .. Reason I was late to airport because I waited all day to get paid for world 8ball then they said come back at 7.30pm I said fine my flight wasn’t until 12.50am Fujairah to Dubai airport is around 80mile drive hr 20mins so i had plenty of time .But when arrived at 7.30pm the guy wasn’t around with the money so we at to wait until 9:30pm to get paid.. Little annoyed if I got paid at 7.30pm I would have time to register for a esta visa and would have made us masters.. So i am sorry to barry behrem and everyone associated with us masters that i will not be attending i hope the tournaments a great success and hope to play next year..

On a happier note ! least I get to spend few more days in Dubai staying at the beautiful jumeirah beach hotel it’s paradise :-).. My next tournament will be valley vorge look forward to that ..

Also my own brand of shirts will be on sale soon hope you will like them I really like the designs :-)


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